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Congratulations to Ms. Konlon's classroom for having the best attendance for the month of April. They earned a FREE DRESS DAY!

We encourage our CMA parents to send their children to school every day.

For the Month of April, CMA had a total of 584 absences.This was a large amount of instructional time that was lost. As for loss of state revenue, these days equal to $36,208.00


Coral Mountain Academy Mission Statement

We embrace the belief that our students can and will achieve the high standards necessary for College, Career and Citizenship. We will collaborate to ensure that all students have equal access to engaging and meaningful curriculum in a safe environment. We are prepared as a community to evaluate, reflect, and take action to ensure learning for all.

Nosotros tenemos la creencia que nuestros estudiantes pueden y van a realizar expectativas académicas sociales necesaria para sobresalir. Vamos a trabajar juntos para asegurar que todos los estudiantes tengan la misma ventaja de enlazar y participar en los académicos, en un ambiente con todo seguridad. Estamos preparados como comunidad para evaluar, reflejar, y tomar acción para asegurar el aprendizaje de todos.

Nutrition Newsletter - April

Boletín de Nutrición - Abril

UPDATE: Nutritional Guideline Information - CLICK HERE

For quick access to the School Snack Calculator please click HERE.

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